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bespoke treatment, holistic approach

I am an experienced natural healthcare practitioner with a track record in helping people with a variety of conditions. As a qualified massage therapist, I offer bespoke treatments tailored to the unique circumstances of each client, primarily using Myofascial Release but also drawing on a range of other techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Power Effleurage, Amma and Facilitated Stretching.


Where appropriate, I offer herbal medicines and nutritional advice to support treatment especially of chronic conditions to aid and expedite the healing process.


To find out more or to have a chat about how I may be able to help you, please get in touch.


Pieter Meiring


07864 945 086

conditions treated

Chronic pain reduction (incl. fibromyalgia, sciatica, etc.)
Muscular tension & stiffness
Range of motion
Postural imbalances
Sports injuries

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Sleep, stress & emotional problems
Headaches & migraines
Circulatory issues
Postnatal recovery & scar work


“I was very impressed with the professionalism in dealing with my medical history and even more delighted in the resulting pain reduction… I would certainly recommend Pieter without hesitation.”

~ BB, Harrow


“Myofascial release with Pieter has been a revelation. His calm and caring approach added to the deeply restorative effects of this treatment make it a complete must.”

~AL, Harefield


“Pieter’s gentle touch eased away tensions that I didn’t even know I had. The stretches on my arms really helped with the tightness I often feel in my neck and shoulders and the back stretches left me walking tall. A lovely unrushed massage in peaceful surroundings.”

~KK, Watford

“Pieter supported me during my pregnancy to relax the muscles around my uterus and pelvis that was causing me pain.  After the birth of my baby he helped relieve tension around my caesarean scar and accelerated the healing process. I would highly recommend him for pregnancy and postnatal support.”

~ VK, Watford


“After suffering a variety of health issues from hypothyroidism to low immunity and plantar fasciitis, I had exhausted all my options with conventional medicine and consultants. I saw Pieter who has helped me to get my health back on track. I can’t thank him enough for his thorough consultation and knowledgable approach.”

~CS, Sevenoaks


“It felt like I melted instantly under your touch today!”

~NW, Bedfordshire

about pieter

Whilst working as a western medical herbalist, I discovered that although herbal medicine offers incredible benefits, it lacks a very important component of restorative healing – the power of touch. Subsequently, I have trained as a massage therapist, exploring different styles and techniques, learning about the advantages that each of these offer. I now employ a blend of eastern and western massage techniques, though specialise in myofascial release as it has proven to be highly effective for a wide range of conditions.


I primarily focus on helping clients to reduce and manage chronic pain and to support various emotional conditions, but also treat acute conditions and help women with postnatal recovery and scar work through massage.


BSc (honours) degree in Herbal Medicine University of Westminster
Advanced Clinical Massage certificate Jing Institute for Advanced Massage Training
Fascial Foundation certificate Jing Institute for Advanced Massage Training
Myofascial Release certificate Jing Institute for Advanced Massage Training
Structural Fascial Bodywork certificate Jing Institute for Advanced Massage Training


I am fully insured with Balens Ltd. and have a valid DBS certificate (previously CRB) for working with children.

clinics & pricing

I currently offer treatments at clinics in London and Watford. To book an appointment or to discuss how I may be able to help you, please get in touch.


Pieter Meiring


07864 945 086

central london


Bloomsbury Osteopathy
99 Judd Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 9NE (map)


Single treatment: £70 (1 hour)
Treatment package: £380 (6x 1 hour)

east london


The Plane Tree
31 Roman Road, Bethnal Green
London E2 0HU (map)


Single treatment: £70 (1 hour)
Treatment package: £380 (6x 1 hour)



Kearns & Meiring Clinic
89 Mildred Avenue,
Watford WD18 7DU (map)

Single treatment: £60 (1 hour)
Treatments package: £320 (6x 1 hour)